December has finally arrived! Time to put up the tree, string up the lights, wrap the presents, and send out the cards. I’ve actually not gotten to many of those lately, but I’m sure you’ve noticed I changed the header of the blog here to be in the season.

Comic books

One thing lately that is a constant joy for me is reading comic books. As I think I’ve mentioned I mostly read just DC Comics. They are my favorite. DC Comics restarted all their comics as #1s and is retelling the early stories of a lot of the characters. Of all of what they are calling “The New 52” (52 #1s), of the ones I am reading, I think I’d have to say that Aquaman is my favorite right now. It’s a great early tale of hir life starting out as a superhero.

Ze has a significant other, Mera, other who is also from the city of Atlantis and ze is also hir crime fighting partner. Essentially, Aquaman decides to give up hir throne as the ruler of Atlantis and Mera joins hir on the land to make things the wellest there. They have a very sweet romantic relationship and they face their challenges together.

Unlike some folks, like Superman or Batman, who live double lives, one being a public persona, the other their hero persona, for Aquaman, ze is pretty much always Aquaman. Ze lives in a house by the sea that local folks can find fairly easily when there’s trouble about. There’s no secrecy or double life for Aquaman. Ze is who ze is, and that’s it.

From Aquaman #1, p.18, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

Both the writing and the artwork are superb. When a comic book has both of those going for it, things are pretty much the wellest.

Christmans Tea and Concert

I am a very active parishioner at St. Paul’s Episcopal and we’ve got our annual Christmas Tea and Concert coming up next weekend on Sunday. If you’re in the neighborhood and would like to enjoy some holiday carols, sung by a choir, accompanied by the grand, restored organ at the church, please check out the flier below!

I won’t be doing any of the singing, but’ll be in kitchen, filling the tea pots to the brim with the tastiest delectable teas imaginable.

Other blog articles in the works

I’ve been working on a couple of longer articles for the blog. I recently got a tour of the new Tri-City Wellness Center, so I’ve been trying to put together something special to post about that. And I’ve lately been doing a word study on the word “love.” It’s been a strange and controversial word for me, I haven’t been able to make heads or tails much of it in recent years, so I’ve cracked open the dictionary, the Bible, and some other books, and have been trying to flesh out what it really, truly means, to get past all of the gobbly gook that hasn’t made any sense and finally come to a place of knowing, for myself, what it means. Anyway, I’m not sure how long writing that will take, but that’s in the works, too.

Along those lines, here’s a poem about love:

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.3, p.45, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

The Lovers
by Julian Orde

With the violence that fire engines
Make on a Sunday town
Bolting through the forests of bells
To the blinded house in the lane
He would make his arrivals.
But her speed was in her waiting.
He felt then returned to the one
Moment when time was gone,
The long look from the eyes
Where each journeyed at home,
Each in his countryside
As they stood in the jealous town.
He was gone and the birds rose
Dusting their sound away,
And the houses cried for the moon
As they swelled or sank in the noonday,
Then slyly crept shut their doors.
But her peace was away from them.
From over the clocks and spires
Flung the birds in a whistle of wings,
Then down to soften the stone
With the faintness of their alighting,
And he of the hundred fires
Returned to his blinded virgin.
The houses awoke on the morrow
And chattered like teeth, aware,
of their majesties standing there,
Crowned with a proud fullness,
In a remarkable swift stillness
In a moment without sorrow.

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