A Bicycling Day Plan for Pomona

For anyone interested in bicycling in Pomona, there appear to be quite a few folks I know who are also interested. I’m not all that into the bicycling scene here in the city, but I know lots of folks who are; and from what I hear, they are presently working to organize regular, big bicycling day plans for the city. If you might be interested in helping to contribute, come to a “town hall meeting” next Tuesday, January 31st at 6 p.m. at the Downtown Center, 300 W. Second Street. There’ll be city council folks there to hear input as well as other Pomona bicycling enthusiasts sharing their enthusiasm!

For more information on the organization, a chapter of CICLAVIA, leading the effort, visit their website http://www.ciclavia.org/. They appear to have organized several of these “bicycling days” in L.A. and it appears that some folks would like to have fun with some of that here. Cool!

OMG, just after I posting this, I noticed M-M-M-My Pomona also recently posted info on this event. Oh well, come one come all! Pomona is the wellest!

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