Back from San Francisco

This weekend I went out to be on the Ask Dr. Hal radio show in San Francisco. It was completely the wellest. After I showed up at the radio station in San Francisco, Dr. Hal shortly came in through the front door, and thereafter, two HUGE icons of the Church of the SubGenius came through the door, the Rev. Ivan Stang and Dr. Philo Drummond!!!! Wow. So for the first hour that I was able to join them, I shared a microphone with Rev. Stang and Dr. Drummond! It was unforgettable.

Then the following night I enjoyed the Ask Dr. Hal show live on stage at Viracocha an antique shop in the Mission District of San Francisco. The show was absolutely fabulous, starting with a showing of the hilarious cartoon, “Book Revue!” (1946), a performance by Pandemonium Puppet Theatre, Zero Boy performed, followed by the Science Report by Dr. Peter Goldie, and lastly Ask Dr. Hal!!!!!!! One of my favorite parts of the stage show was actually Dr. Pete Goldie’s science report; I learned that two new moons had actually been recently discovered around Jupiter, and the latest and greatest Mars rover is supposed to land on the red planet in about six months from now. And KROB had a simply fabulous new video intro for the Science Report. It loved it!!!!

It was a weekend that made my universe!!!!

It was also so wonderful to be back in San Francisco. It’s one of the few cities around that really feels like a real city. And it’s not trying to be anything else but a real, genuine city. Walking through my neighborhood here in Pomona really is astoundingly wonderful too, but it’s visual density as one walks through it and the population density just don’t speak “Yes, I am the very grandest of cities” as San Francisco does. Maybe so I won’t have to move or visit to enjoy such differentiation, I’ll just say, “But of course, Pomona is the very grandest of cities!” It’s the wellest!

And amidst it all, as I came back into Pomona, I went outside and took a night stroll over to Staters to pick something up — and it was just so nice to be back in town. Nice to be on the streets I know so well, nice to be back in my house, in my neighborhood, and amidst my dearest and wellest people here, in Pomona.

Pomona is the wellest.

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