Everything Tonight

With all the end of the world references I have noticed lately in pop culture, I thought I’d throw in some poetic lyrics of one of the more prominent songs lately on the Top 40 below. Some of the pop songs I’ve noticed are about: perhaps not surviving, so we might as well just have as much fun and sex as possible (Britney Spears’ Till the World Ends, and Pitbill’s Give Me Everything), the whole world ending but that love will endure through it (Chris Brown and Justin Bieber’s, Next To You), and still others are about thriving victoriously amidst it all (Nicki Minaj and Rihanna’s Fly).

We might not get tomorrow, let’s do it tonight.” Since there is no time, there really isn’t any tomorrow anyway:

Give Me Everything, by Pitbull

Me not working hard?
Yeah right picture that with a Kodak
And better yet, go to Times Square
Take a picture of me with a Kodak
Took my life from negative to positive
I just want y’all know that
And tonight, let’s enjoy life

Pitbull, Nayer, Ne-Yo, dat’s right.

Tonight I will love love you tonight
Give me everything tonight
For all we know we might not get tomorrow
Let’s do it tonight

Don’t care what they say
Or what games they play
Nothing is enough
‘Til I have your love (Lets do it tonight)
I want you tonight, I want you to stay
I want you tonight

Grab somebody sexy tell ‘em hey
Give me everything tonight
Give me everything tonight
Give me everything tonight
Give me everything tonight

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.2, p.51, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

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