It’s The Wellest

So tonight while at my church Bible study group, we finally got through reading Numbers and began reading Deuteronomy. While doing so, it occurred to me — the Bible is so astoundingly amazing to read, why isn’t everyone reading this thing all the time!? Reading it critically, there are so many brilliant lessons to learn from it. So amazing.

From Ninin Ga Shinobuden, v.1, p.24, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

Also at Bible study tonight, we had a great conversation about what Lent means to each of us, and how each of us approaches Lent individually. The Episcopal priest who is in our study group continues to lend us some of the most wonderful insights. Ze is an older, retired priest, with such an enormous breadth and depth of knowledge of scripture, it really adds so immensely our Bible study.

I’ve been swamped with web-design work lately, it’s been awesome, and while I was working today, solving a bunch of problems on the site I’m working on, I thought to myself, “I sooooo love what I’m doing. It’s so much fun.”

My yard is coming along super awesomely. Yesterday I got planted a bunch of new flowers in the yard to spruce up the look of the yard some. There’s a certain spot in the yard that gets a lot of public view, so I’ve been trying to spruce it up with flowering plants as much as I can. It looks the wellest! I am at the top of the world happy with it.

Well, when it’s the wellest. What else can there be?!

While over at the Enchantress of Alvarado’s in the last week or so, the Enchantress recently discovered the songs, “Legs to the Moon” and “Bedrock,” both songs by Rasheeda. So while chilling out over there lately, we’ve all been jamming out to those songs, as well as to Kelly Clarkson and strangely a lot of Michael Bolton. Oh, and on Glee this week, they performed one of Kelly Clarkson’s latest hits, “Stronger”!!!!

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