More Wellestness in Pomona

In the past week or so, I have heard about several mental health wellness groups and events going on in Pomona.

The first is a mental health conference titled, “Faith Communities Responding to Mental Illness” and it’s happening at the end of this month. The Conference summary reads:

From Prince Bantam, drawing by Lynd Ward, from within Hornbook, v.6, n.3, p.2.

This conference is open to all faith leaders and members, mental health professionals, individuals and family members affected by mental illness, and all desiring to improve responses to mental illness in faith communities.

It’s happening Tues. night Feb. 28th and the 29th during the day and held at Temple Beth Israel at 3033 N. Towne Ave, Pomona. For more information, see the conference flier at the following link.

The next is “P3: Partnership for a Positive Pomona,” and their monthly meeting is coming up this Thursday at noon at the Ganesha Park Community Center, 1575 N. White Ave., Pomona. According to their flier, they are:

A community coalition established to prevent destructive behavior amongst Pomona’s youth. We want Pomona to be a Drug-Free Community.

We are working together to change our community in ways that will make it more likely that kids will make positive, healthy choices, and stay away from alcohol and drugs.

That’s pretty vague, but it sounds like it’s a group that’s clearly trying to help Pomona’s youth to use care in the choices that they make, to love and respect yourself and your own body, and that sounds great.

And the final one is a Mental Health First Aid 12-hour course. Essentially, talking to someone involved, it is a course to give one skills to better help out anyone you might know who might be experiencing a mental health illness or crisis. Their flier reads:

Sometimes first aid is YOU!

Mental Health First Aid teaches a 5-step action plan to offer initial help to people with signs and symptoms of a mental illness or in a crisis, and connect them with the appropriate professional, peer, social, or self help care.

Sometimes, the best first aid is you. Take the course, save a life, strengthen your community.

And by their flier, it sounds like the course is offered repeatedly in different areas of the Pomona Valley every month. There was an expanse in my own life when suicide quite seriously crossed my own mind, and, definitely, being able to respond in a helpful way to anyone in such a situation or very depressed is a marvelous wellful thing to have in your first aid kit!

From “The Cacophony Society-Zone Show” exhibition at the Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, Feb. 4 – Apr. 15, 2012.

On a similar note, last weekend I attended a SubGenius related event in the OC, it was a film screening of “Into the Zone.” It told the story of the Suicide Club in San Francisco and the Cacophony Society in both SF and LA. Essentially people started these informal groups because they were on the verge of suicide, and didn’t know how to cope, so in the groups, they did the craziest things they could ever think of to keep themselves on the better side of insane.

Certainly there are many approaches to “mental illness” and even coping with thoughts of suicide. Thankfully, everything is the wellest in Pomona.

Also at the event in the OC, both Dr. Hal and Puzzling Evidence were there and I got to meet them!!!! It was so cool! Dr. Hal could tell I was so super excited to meet hir, I mentioned a question I’d asked on hir radio show recently so ze could put a name with a face, and ze invited me to be a guest host on hir radio show in San Francisco when I’m in the area! Wow.

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