Surfing the Luck Plane

Okay, I’m blogging some more. I just posted a poem, but now I’m writing some more. Have you ever felt like you just wanted to give up on something, but you knew that if you couldn’t make it work, you couldn’t make anything work, that’s how I feel. There are a lot of things going on in my life and I want to set some of them aside and not work on them, and then throw myself into the rest. What is there to do? How does one choose, or should I not choose at all, but have the cake and eat it, too?

I think that’s what SubGenius “slack,” though, is all about. It’s about having your cake, and being able to eat it, too. WHICH IS RIGHT!!!! It is the luck to have it all.

And maybe surfing the luck plane, I just need to get into my “knowing” that it’s about not even trying. It’s about sitting on my bumb and goofing off, and it all just “works” for me. Everything just works for me without even trying. I have it all already, and I know it. Yes.

Maybe actually trying to “make it work” is the problem. I should just stop trying, and it will work itself out on it’s own, without my attention to it.

Maybe putting attention to literally anything is, or might nearly be equal to, playing with something linear in the midst of a completely non-linear universe. Noticing isn’t necessarily playing with linear – it’s simply noticing, but taking an action by interacting with the linear widget, is that getting down and dirty with linear? Hmmm. Or maybe if I start “thinking” about the noticing, then the noticing turns linear. The noticing simply is.

What do you expect when you’re expecting? It’s in the mail, it’s in the oven and you’re waiting for it to be done; but in the abscence of time-space, there is no waiting. You have it already. And you know it.

And perhaps knowing itself is a physical “feeling.” One simply needs to let go of the “feeling” of not having, of not being “lucky” and feel only that you are. The slack. The embodiment of slack.

Okay, I’m good, now. Go back to what you were doing. :) It’s all the wellest.

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