Music for the New Heaven and New Earth

So I recently jumped onto and got some new CDs to add to my collection, and this new universe I have created is just the wellest!!!!!!

I picked up David Guetta’s latest album Nothing But The Beat, Pitbull’s Planet Pit, and Adele’s 21. I probably wouldn’t get into such music except that I’m friends with the Enchantress of Alvarado, and ze is a pop culture fanatic. Admittedly, ze is head over heals obsessed with Kelly Clarkson, but we listen to top 40 songs so much at hir place that I decided it was a good expanse now to pick up some of the latest on the charts.

David Guetta

I like the Adele album, but the, some would call “talentless,” Pitbull album is #2, and David Guetta is over the top #1 as far as personal enjoyment. Adele is by far the most talented vocalist. Pitbull just sings and talks, but ze’s the most hilarious of them all. I love it when ze says “Mr. Worldwide, Mr. 305” at the beginning of nearly each song – a brilliant comedian. And pretty much every song is about lusty sex — but, hey, it’s the wellest! And David Guetta is at the top of ushering in the new heaven and new earth, too, and hir album music takes us to a new experiential level. Listening to interviews of Guetta on YouTube, it’s further clear that my living water is kicking hir activities into super high gear.

It is an interesting phenomenon right now in the various circles of pop music, we are witnessing a great convergence and collaboration among artists to create many an album. For instance, on the Planet Pit album, Pitbull may be on every track, but every song but two had a, or several, guest artists joining Pitbull. The same with the Nothing But The Beat album, though David Guetta is a professional DJ whose music was taken, and various artists basically just added their words and voices to the non-vocal tracks ze had created — but pretty much every song on all of these albums is just a fantastic listening experience. It’s the wellest!

All of these albums though are, of course, working to fulfill the wellest outcome.

The amazing Pitbull.

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