Out and About

So I was out and about yesterday running some errands around our wellest city and as I was bicycling down Arrow Highway and, though I had seen the lawn bowling arena many times before – I stopped and noticed they even had a URL on their sign. Scrawled it down. It’s not something I’m necessarily interested in, but yes, Pomona has lawn bowling! Check ‘em out at www.pomonalawnbowlingclub.com.

I’m not all that into listing sites in the sidebar that are not especially in or about Pomona, but there is a regional blog that came into my noticing that I thought I’d post. The David Allen Blog talked about it, and it’s pretty cool! It’s the IE Shine On Blog, and they have a pretty healthy array of listings of stuff going on all over the IE. A pretty good resource for anyone that gets out of Pomona much.

And if nothing else, you can always turn to www.randomwebsite.com or perhaps even more interesting and fascinating: www.pointlesssites.com.

Eternity is a big place. You could also grab an friend and climb to the top of Temple Hill in Pomona. The view is great!!! It’s also a great night hike.

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