Wandering the Weekend Expanse

Wandering the expanse of this weekend, I have noticed lots of wellest things.

Friday night I wandered over to Funny Business to pick up the latest comics out this week, the most exciting of which was Huntress #6, in which Power Girl made a completely awesome cameo at the very end. Huntress got in a fix and Power Girl came to the rescue and flew hir to safety!

From Huntress #6, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

I honestly haven’t been all that thrilled with this six issue Huntress series, but it’s been building up to the release of the title World’s Finest, which comes out two months from now in which Power Girl and Huntress are a team – which is gonna be amazing!!!! Well, if it has Power Girl in it, it has to be amazing!

The Conspiracy

The last little while I’ve noticed that Original Skrip has had a couple of posts about UFOs and conspiracy theory stuff. So I thought I’d throw in a few comments here too. In The Book of the SubGenius, “The Conspiracy” is something that Bob has fought long and hard to defeat. Of course my trust is in Bob, and even more importantly in me. And the word is: Yes, folks, the universe with the heavens full of stars and gallexies is not without other life than on this tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny speck of a planet. As people from other worlds come to visit, you won’t freak out, it’s just gonna be like, “Oh, more tourists.”

Currency, digital and paper, and even the concept of trade, are dead and meaningless now. All of us humans are going to simply learn to get along without it. It’s the wellest and turning out the wellest. Welcome of Dobbstown! or really, welcome to GOGA-town.


Tomatomania was awesome, then I went off to play Dungeons and Dragons. We hadn’t played together in about ten months, so it was a huge and wonderful reunion and celebration. We had so much food. The adventuring included battling cockatrices that tried to turn us into stone, and then we fought an evil hag who had cast a spell on a friend of our adventuring group. A marvelous time was had by all!

By then, the evening came and I just wanted to turn my brain off, so I watched some Star Trek with a housemate and then off to the Enchantress of Alvarado’s place for cocktails. Yes, it was Second Saturday, but it just wasn’t in me to make my way downtown this month.

It was a great night at the Enchantress’ though. It was the usual crew, but the Enchantress was actually out of town on business, so we all enjoyed an evening around a backyard fire with cocktails in hand. It was myself, the Slut of the Skies, Queen Riata, Trust Fund Girl, Anj-douche, and a friend of Anj-douche. All enjoying the bliss of the wellest company, the primalness of gathering ‘round the warm glow of an actual fire, enjoying drinks, conversation and laughter, and the wellest of music filling the air. As it should be!

See ya ‘round Pomona!

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