Gardening, Comics, and SubGenius Wellestness

Spring is here and the weather is warming up in Pomona. Been getting a pretty substantial garden going on, and the other day after a neighbor saw my garden, they were so impressed that I helped them plant a good sized vegetable garden in their backyard, too. They went and purchased a bunch of plants and I helped them out with planting locations, fertilizing, digging holes, and putting them in the ground. They are going to have a fantastic garden this year.

Now is a perfect expanse to plant your spring and summer vegetables!

From the cover of Aquaman #7, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

I was not in town this past weekend to pick them up, but a ton of great comics books came out, including the latest Aquaman #7 and VooDoo #7, and I am itching to take a peek at the latest edition of Superman since it has a new writing team. Also, the former writer of VooDoo, Ron Marz, who was absolutely amazing when ze wrote for VooDoo, has a couple of releases coming out soon that I must add to my preorders/pull-list at Funny Business. The first is a series called Prophecy about the Mayan calendar and 2012 and how some heros and villains save a universe from it’s end, the other is a story featured in a special issue of Heavy Metal magazine titled Monster Massacre. I saw them on hir blog.

And though I missed dropping by Funny Business last weekend for comics, I had a fantastic weekend in San Francisco. Once again, I traveled up to see the SubGenius show, The Ask Dr. Hal Show, live on stage. As always, it was completely amazing. I love Dr. Hal!!!!! And I got to meet Connie Dobbs, the wife of high epopt J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, while I was there, too! — what an inspiration ze was to me that night. Wow. So strong, a fount of slack, to be sure.

Actually, last night I rented the latest Muppet Movie from Red Box at Staters and the character of Walter and hir extreme excitement and awe at visiting the Muppet Studios and meeting the Muppets reminded me of myself meeting fellow SubGenius’ in my journeys.

A while back while listening to the Ask Dr. Hal show on the radio, I called in and asked about the SubGenius concept of prairie squid. Dr. Hal was in studio with Rev. Stang and Dr. Drummond, and they responded with the hilarious following clip:

[audio:prairie-squid_adh_2012-01-27-clip.mp3|titles=Prairie Squid on Ask Dr Hal 2012-01-27|autostart=no]

And that’s about it from this part of Pomona. Enjoying the wellest of Spring weather, and puttering about in the garden. Maybe I should start up a prairie squid farm! lol.

See ya ‘round Pomona!!!!!

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