Owly and Previews

This past week, I walked on over to Funny Business, to hang out, and to picked up the latest comic books and such, and what do you know, Owly had come in for me! I had ordered it months ago from the monthly Previews catelogue.

If you’ve never been, the monthly Previews book is a standard fixture of most comic book shops. In it are comic books, and comics related books, films, clothing, figurines, games, and other memorabilia.

You may remember back to elementary school when they had those little catelogues you could order books to purchase and then they’d come in like a month later. It’s like that, but many have not actually even had a first printing, you get a copy of the very first printing 2-4 months down the line, cause it’s a “preview” of what’s going to come out several months down the line. (The edition of Owly I got was actually the latest printing “4th printing, Feb. 2012,” and not the first.)

Also, a lot of times: You may not actually know what you’re gonna get, because most of the time, the descriptions are not that long and sometimes it may not even have a cover image shown or a description – it just may simply be the title, author, publisher, price, genre — and that’s it. Other descriptions are quite long, include a cover image and even full pages from the publication. So, sometimes, ordering is a bit like shooting in the dark, but you can definitely get some unusual titles that one can’t even find on titanically huge, Amazon.com!

If ordering comic books or adding a monthly title to your pull list – when it comes in, if flipping through it you don’t really like it, then you don’t have to purchase it, they’ll just put it out on the shelf to sell. Anything else, if you order it through Previews, then you’ve committed to buy it. In the case of Owly, which I had ordered and got this week, it’s more of a book and not a monthly comic, so even if I didn’t like it so much, I’d committed to buy it.

In this month’s edition of Previews, I found two different comic books to add to my “pull list” for them to order. The first is Before Watchmen: Nite Owl, written by J. Michael Straczynski, and the second is Prophecy, by Ron Marz. Now the only reason I’ve added these is because I love these two writers’ work so much.

When reading Previews, it’s also good to keep your eyes peeled for writers and artists that you really like a lot. Or you can follow their blog, like I did on the Ron Marz blog. Then I knew what to look for of theirs when this month’s Previews came out, and I put in my order for it when it comes out in June!

Anyway, the most exciting thing this week was picking up Owly, by Andy Runton. And Owly, I am finding, is so wonderful that I’m thinking that I’m probably gonna add images of hir on my blog here as much as I do of Ninin Ga Shinobuden. Owly, wow. The character and the stories are so adorable!!!!!

From Owly: The Way Home & Bittersweet Summer, p.33, very top image from p.16, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

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