Progress Is Our Middle Name

I was goofing off last night with a housemate, watching YouTubes, looking at adorable pictures on, and drinking many, many glasses of wine, and while doing so, ze showed me a YouTube that pretty much blew me away. It was so awesome, that I thought I’d post it to the blog here:

Basically, it’s a video of GLBT students at BYU who are out on the campus! Honestly, this is simply HUGE to me. And doing a bit of a search, I found a CNN article reporting that they aren’t getting reprimanded!

I’m GLBT myself, and I got my undergraduate degree from BYU, but in the expanse I was there, over ten years ago, being out was super taboo. There was an underground then, and if you were found out, you were expelled, unless you went and got therapy for it. Decades ago, they even did electroshock therapy at BYU to try to “cure” gay students.

Anyway, I was so pleasantly surprised at this video. In the article link above, the school administration is clearly not approving of acting on being gay (though, even straight single students at BYU aren’t supposed to have sexual relations outside of marriage), but you can now actually be out on the campus! I officially had my name removed from the church membership rolls quite a few years back. I’m no longer a believer, but wow. (It was also pretty cool to see images of the campus throughout the YouTube, it brought back many wonderful memories of my Alma mater.)

It is also interesting to note that quite locally, there is a pretty substantial, cutting edge hub of Mormon theological studies at the Claremont Colleges. And the article quoted Richard Bushman, who heads the Mormon Studies program at Claremont Graduate University! Practically in our backyards!

It’s the wellest!!!!

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