The Quantum Computer and Cold Fusion have Arrived

Friends, the quantum computer and cold fusion have finally arrived. It’s the wellest!

Okay, so I’m blogging about science stuff, but it’s pretty cool and exciting! First off, they have finally built a quantum computer that is supposed to be hugely more powerful than any contemporary super computer. I know someone in Pomona who helped Steve Jobs build the first desktop computer. The first computers filled whole rooms. This present quantum computer also fills a room, so the next thing you know, anybody will be able to have a quantum computing iPad!

The researcher who is putting the public face on this is Dr. Michael Biercuk of the University of Sidney, Australia. In a report from ABC News AU, ze said, “We’ve surpassed the computational potential of this system relative to classical computers by something like 10 to the [power of] 80, which is 80 orders of magnitude, a really enormous number.” Wow.

In other news, I’ve recently come across quite a few articles and websites about cold fusion. Particularly check out and for lots of news and articles about this easy, limitless energy source that is stepping onto the scene. Apparently, MIT has a working generator, several commercial entities are building manufacturing plants to build commercial cold fusion generators, and even some Italian high school students have built a working generator.

The MIT generator runs on a table top, so one might actually have a home generator if they wished. Some articles are even saying that to convert a natural gas power plant, such as I know we have in Pomona, to run on cold fusion instead of natural gas is supposed to be what many of these companies are also aiming to do. Next thing you know, nobody will even have electric bills, it’ll just be a naturally free service of the city, such as the street sweepers, to provide clean, free, electricity for all.

Yes friends, cold fusion and quantum computing have finally arrived. It’s the new heaven and the new earth! The wellestness continues to rise up and fill our lives to overflowing, and then of course always keeps us topped off to the hilt.

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