For the love of…

I was listening to I Love Lard recently, one of my favorite podcasts, and there was an extensive clip from it that was just brilliant. Marina, the host, got talking about penis’ and hir love of them. Ze goes on to talk about how girls and boys at a certain age start to think of each other as extremely gross and disgusting. Anyway, it was a fantastic exposition on men and women and how they are often “conditioned,” in various expanses, to think about each other.

[audio:253cryingandgaysex-clip.mp3|titles=From I Love Lard no 253|autostart=no]

Perhaps the most poignant thing about hir exposition is that men and women have to stop believing in the false premises of both male perversion and of sacred femininity — that neither of these things are really real.

Ze went on to also talk about how for a lot of us queer/LGBT folk, we don’t follow many norms of gendered attraction and behavior, and we end up having to find the place of loving ourself and those we really love, regardless. But that’s coming around to everyone now, too. It’s about being whole people now.

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