Comics, Fashion, and Fun

Well, this weekend I dropped into Funny Business to hang out and check out the latest and greatest this week in the comic book world. The latest Previews was out and I ordered a few new things out it. I dropped Aquaman this week from my pull-list because the story is just dragging and slow and doesn’t seem to be developing into something interesting. But I added two new things!: Knights of the Dinner Table magazine about all things to do with Dungeons and Dragons and similar rollplaying games, and I added Phantom Lady, a new limited series from DC Comics, written by two of my favorite comic book writers, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.

Other than that, my weekend has been full of a bunch of sewing and crochet stuff I’ve been working on, writing some new tunes for on my guitar, and watching a couple of movies. I’ve lately got into following the fashion designer, Peter Jensen. I completely love hir work and so I’ve been working on and off the past week to create a pattern and make a replica of one of hir skirts I saw in hir latest runway show. I recently had picked up a latest edition of Elle and was looking at some of the latest pieces currently on the runways, saw some pieces I liked, looked the designers up on the internet, and Peter Jensen just happened to be one of them – and I really liked Peter Jensen! Essentially, hir work is quite unique and distinctively “Peter Jensen” but also it’s stuff that’s close enough to my fashion tastes, and though not super easy to replicate, I can do it. Anyway, I look forward to finishing the pattern hopefully soon and getting the skirt made. I already found a top and a belt that don’t match the runway exactly, but it’s close enough.

My guitar case has gotten a bit dusty and vacuuming my room recently I pulled off the vacuum hose and suctioned the dust off and said to myself, I should pick this up again soon. Then in the past week or so my mind has been popping with songs to write with it, so I’ve been jotting down the words and then picking them out! Mostly the songs are people and place specific, about specific friends and hanging out in the backyard, etc., nothing terribly philosophical.

And of course I saw a couple of movies, one at a friend’s house in Wilton Heights on Friday afternoon, and then rented one on Redbox on Saturday, actually, neither film was noteworthy much to speak of, but overall, it’s been a wonderful weekend. The weather has been quite literally perfect, and it’s just the wellest here in Pomona.

I was over at the Enchantress of Alvarado’s recently chatting with the Slut of the Skies and mentioned that in my Bible study group, in our reading, we’ve just starting reading the Book of Joshua, and we read the chapter in which “We’ve crossed the Jordan and entered the Promised Land!!!!” Hir response was, “So Pomona is the Promised Land aye?” lol!

From Knights of the Dinner Table #134, p.18, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.
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