Monkeys in the Space Shuttle

Listening to a SubGenius radio show recently, someone said they felt like a monkey on the space shuttle flicking switches for something to work. With the space shuttles in retirement, thank goodness we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

In Pomona, the drama is passing now, or at least postponed: the city is working to save the library and the trash station meeting is pushed back, too. I’m sure it’ll be the wellest.

It’s been the wellest with me, as usual. Been reading the most wonderful comic books. I love comic books. Yesterday I picked up a Dungeons and Dragons book at the Magic Door in downtown – to help me be a more adroit player in the game. I’ve got D&D gaming this weekend. I can hardly wait.

A pretty big crochet project has occupied myself lately. I have a favorite top that’s worn out a good bit, so I’ve been crocheting a new one. I’m still working on the Peter Jensen skirt; I finally got the fabric for it sergered on the raw edges and washed thoroughly in the washing machine, so it’s ready to go now in so far as laying out the pattern and cutting it out, but the top I’ve been making is just so much more easy to work on in spare moments because crochet is so easy to do wherever I happen to be. And I just checked out Peter Jensen’s site, and ze has a brand new show called “Tippi” – and actually, they look absolutely amazing. Wow. Once I finish these two projects, I have an existing outfit that I know I could convert to look like one in this new line. I love Peter Jensen!

I was out pulling down my laundry from drying outside the other day and noticed some bird poop on one of my sox. When one looks at things like nebulas, you know — they actually kind of look like colorful bird poops in the sky.

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