More Terrific Transit

From Seventeen, Feb. 17, 1972, p.125.

The transit of Venus happened, but the little shoe box shadow viewer I made, which I’ve watched solar eclipses with didn’t fair so well for viewing the transit of Venus, but that’s okay. I’ll just have to due with looking at the after images posted to the internet. :/

Listening to the Nose Hair Lint Gland show. Karen Carpenter and Dr. Fiasco commented on the transit a bunch, below is a clip from their show.

[audio:transit-of-venus_nhlg_2012-06-06.mp3|titles=Nose Hair Lint Gland clip 2012-06-06|autostart=no]

And KROB posted a music mix online to honor the transit, too!

I can hardly wait til pick up comics this week. Earth 2 #2, World’s Finest #2, and Prophecy #1 all come out. I’m gonna be basking in new comic book bliss all weekend long.

The transit of Venus, June 5th, 2012.
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