A Mai Tai Weekend

So last night, I’m out next to the backyard pond at the Enchantress’, sipping down some pretty strong Mai Tais with the Enchantress of Alvarado, Slut of the Skies, and Queen Rialta, and they bring up to me that X-Day came and went without the pleasure saucers rumpturing me and the other SubGenius’ up. Well, it appears to be so.

Still as I look forward to that glorious day, ;) here’s a sermon given by Princess Pisces and Rev. Legume at last year’s X-Day gathering (Warning: Strong Language):

[audio:pisces-legume-sermons_x-day_2011-07-04.mp3|titles=Pisces Legume sermons X-day 2011-07-04|autostart=no]

Outside of that, yesterday, I walked on down to Funny Business and picked up the latest World’s Finest #3 and Earth 2 #3. They were actually really good. The Green Lantern on Earth 2, hir lover dies, and the ring ze was going to give hir with hir proposal was transformed into hir Green Lantern ring!

World’s Finest was awesome, too. The dialogues between Huntress and Power Girl are, in short, amazing. Loved it. The only thing I didn’t like about it, was that Kryptonians on Earth are super smart and intelligent, and reading this one and the latest Action Comics (with Superman as the main character), in both titles, the writers have them quite a bit dumbed down, which I’ve mystified about. Being under our yellow sun is supposed to give them super strength and invulnerability, but also super intelligence, and in both Action Comics and World’s Finest, the super smartness is not much evident.

But here in Pomona, everything is turning out the wellest and most wonderful that it ever could. This morning one of my housemates bicycled off to do the Ride Around Pomona (RAP) group that meets up. This afternoon, once the sun starts to cast it’s shadow on the east side of the house, I’m going to continue to cut back a lot of bushes and shrubs that need it. And tonight is Dungeons and Dragons gaming around the dinner table.

Here’s to you Pomona! Cheers!!!! :)

From Owly, vol.1, p.60, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.
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