Gardening and X-Day

Cruising down the highway of life, everything is the wellest, especially here in Pomona.

My vegetable garden is coming along. I’ve got some big squash plants (zucchini, crooked necked yellow, pumpkin, and cucumber) all chugging along, though no fruit quite yet. The tomatoes are producing like mad! I have to go and harvest them pretty much every day to keep pace with them, but they make for amazing salsas, and additions to sandwiches.

Several plants have started or finished going to seed and I’ve been involved in seed saving a bunch these past two weeks. I’ve collected a ton of coriander seed, dikon radish seeds, and broccoli seeds. Next up are carrot seeds. Several of my carrot plants have “bolted” (meaning they’ve started to flower/go to seed), but the seeds haven’t quite finished forming and being ready to harvest, but it’s pretty obvious that with the carrots especially, I’m gonna have a ton of seeds for fall planting. Shelling seed pods of the dikons – that’s been a chore. But I’ll have plenty of their seeds to plant in the fall, too.

I’d definitely say, if you want pumpkins for Halloween, now is a perfect expanse to plant them for them to be ready for carving at the end of October. A lot of squashes, such as butternut and some pumpkins, with the harder outer skin can literally last for years. I grew a squash once and it sat on top of our fireplace mantle at my house here for two years, and then one day I decided to chop it up and cook it — it was delicious.


On another note, the Church of the SubGenius’ annual X-Day is this Thursday, July 5th, at 7 a.m., this well may be the year, 1998, that the pleasure saucers of the sex goddesses and gods descend and rupture up all the SubGenius’. Praise “Bob”! I love the church of the SubGenius and below is a fantastic clip by the Rev. Ivan Stang:

[audio:stang-sermon_hos1365-clip.mp3|titles=Stang sermon from Hour of Slack no1365|autostart=no]

Comic Books and Wonderful Friends

I had an amazing weekend of reading comic books and swimming over at the Enchantress of Alvarado’s house. This past week, Justice League #10 came out. The present villain has some strange parallels with the villain that Supergirl is presently fighting in her title, and the on going story of Billy Batson that they’ve begun telling in the latter half of this title continues to be very good. Billy hasn’t really gotten along with anyone, but ze is finally in a situation where people really love and care about hir, and ze doesn’t know how to respond to that. It’s some amazing story telling.

And this weekend was myself, the Enchantress of Alvarado, the Slut of the Skies, Trust Fund Girl and hir parents, Anjduche, Queen Riata, the Prince of Pasadena, and Racy Runway, all partying it up to the hilt. Quite the crowd. And the Enchantress showed me a bunch ride previews of one of the rides ze worked on at one of Disney’s international parks. It’s always great to hear hir excitedly tell me about the details of the rides as ze dreams them up, and then later see the rides and the parts ze dreamed up actually installed and functioning in the park. Pretty cool stuff.

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