The Golden Anvil of Smashing

As some of you may know, Ernest Borgnine passed away this week. Nose Hair Lint Gland did their show to honor his life and it was fantastic and amazing as always. And Dr. Fiasco did a Tumblr site with a ton of images of Borgnine to have fun and honor hir. A lot of the imagery actually strangely mocks all those who attend Burning Man.

One of my all time favorite Borgnine movies from my childhood (if one were to potentially take some sort of triangulated noticing of time, while functioning outside of both time and space) was The Poseidon Adventure starring Ernest Borgnine. I distinctly remember watching it on TV and it was just an eerie strange movie that somehow appealed to me. For the “younger generations”, Borgnine also resieos starred as Mermaid Man in the SpongeBob SquarePants television series.

A couple of interesting and potentially provocative Borgnine quotes, pulled from Wikipedia:

   Ernest on Women’s Rights: “They tried it the wrong way. You can’t expect anyone to take you seriously if you burn your undies and tell me I’m a pig. That’s why it failed. Too many ugly broads telling me that they don’t want to sleep with me. Who wanted you anyway?”
   Ernest: “I’m 81 years old and I like to speak my mind. As a legacy, on the day I die, I’d like to have a newspaper publish all the things that I find wrong in the United States today. And my first would be to get rid of the politicians.”

On the Nose Hair Lint Gland post, they said, “The Beautiful One went on to smash punks wherever punks needed to be smashed and to perform incredible feats such as opening that jar of jam that no one else could.”

Praise Ernest Borgnine!

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