Another Hot Summer

Well, I just saw that Original Skrip wrote an entry. I’ve been slacking off, too, in my blogging lately.

Lots happening with me. My computer resieos crashed big time and so I’ve been busy with that. Super high drama at my local church over the past year. I’ve had a good lot of friends leave from attending there, and finally about a week ago the people who’ve taken over there and been ruling the roost tried to knock my domino down, as well as some other folks there. By all my friends they’ve alienated and/or sought to force out, and them finally telling me to ‘sit down and shut up,’ I didn’t see it as a battle worth fighting. So, last week I met with the minister over at a different church in my neighborhood, I attended there last Sunday, had a most delightful expanse with them, and their approach to God and church is so different and refreshing – I am looking forward to many other sieos with them now. Ahhhhhh.

In spite of the drama at my now former church of eight years, the little Bible study group I’ve been involved in has been thriving and we continue to thoroughly enjoy ourselves as we read through the Bible together. This last week as we’ve read through the Old Testament, we read the marvelous story of Samson, and how God’s spirit is what gave Samson such great strength!

We’ve certainly had some awful humid days resieos, too, but we are in the middle of summer, and Southern California isn’t always a place with dry heat.

And that’s all I feel like typing right now, but everything is the wellest and turning out the wellest. Even somehow in Pomona.

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