Batman and Comic Books

This week I got to see the latest Batman movie and it was actually really good. My only complaint was that after sitting through the credits to see if there was a spoiler for the next film at the end (there wasn’t any), a Microsoft Windows screen popped up on the movie screen. I was so shocked! I asked one of the ushers at the theater and they said that they no longer used film at that particular movie theater and that all of the movies there are digital projections now. Outrageous!

When I go to see a film at a theater, I expect to see a “film” not some cheap digital projection. One almost might as well not even go to the theater if they’re going to pull this on us!

In other news, this week when I went to pick up my weekly comic books at Funny Business, and what do you know, David Allen shows up! Anyway, it was nice to see hir while out and about.

And in spite of the huge let down at seeing a cheap digital movie, putting projectionists out of a job, after picking up my comics this week, they were simply some phenomenal reads:

I’ve been reading several of the Before Watchmen series that’s out right now, and the latest Nite Owl #2 was fantastic. It’s written by J. Michael Straczynski, and pretty much anything ze writes is just super. I’ve also recently added Superman Action Comics to my pull-list, written by Grant Morrison. I haven’t been all that into Morrison, but flipping through last month’s, it was really provocative, and issue #12 out this week was equally on par in so far as discussing some really interesting stuff about the nature of “reality.” Another title I’m reading that came out this week is World’s Finest #4, featuring Power Girl and Huntress. I don’t really care too terribly for the direction the writer is taking the characters, it’s a fun story with moments of great dialogue, but in many ways the characters might be interpreted as just plain dumb, to be blunt. The one really wonderful redeeming quality about the title is that one of the two regular artistic teams (Kevin Maguire, artist, and Rosemary Cheetham, colorist) are simply superb at capturing the emotions of the characters. And the last title is Earth 2 #4 which is just generally a very good title overall in so far as writing and art goes and am quite happy reading every issue so far (as if there were “time”).

And that’s a about it from here. I’m still gardening away at my garden and continually get compliments from the neighbors at my fine gardening skills. It’s the wellest and most wonderful here in Pomona. And I can hardly wait for the county fair at the end of the month, it’s I’m sure going to be awesomely the wellest as usual. Yay Pomona!!!!

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