Comic Book Bliss

From the cover of Super Dinosaur #13, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

Another grand week of gardening and Friday I picked up my weekly round of comic books down at Funny Business. And let me tell you, they have been fantastic!

Several months ago I put onto my pull-list Knights of the Dinner Table, and finally one came for me!!!!! Yay! Basically, it’s a comic book/magazine that’s all about rollplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, which I sit around the dinner table once every two weeks to three weeks and play with a bunch of housemates and friends. Well, I resieos learned about it and that I could have it on my comic shop pull-list, so now I do. And the latest edition, is a great read.

And another new comic I resieos added to my pull list was Super Dinosaur. And this week #13 came in for me. It’s really a kids title, but a really great read for adults, too. The art is a bit simplistic and cartoony, but the story is really interesting. I don’t really know the characters too well yet, but the dialogues are really good and explore a lot of considerations about life and living with others together. Their letters page is just loaded also, and by that I got to catch up on what things people were excited about in other issues. The page textures and thicknesses are a little different that say DC and Marvel comics, but color quality on the pages is just as good. In the story, Super Dinosaur and hir friends, a group of human kids in their early teens, are on an adventure to the inner earth to find a lost friend of the group. The potentiality of an inner earth is not something discussed much in popular literature, both in fiction and non-fiction, and so to have a fictional story imaginatively explore this topic amidst so many other considerations is fascinating!

I also got Dr. Manhattan #1 (of 4), from DC Comics “Before Watchmen” series. It’s written by one of my favorite authors, J. Michael Straczynski, so of course that has been something wonderful and delightful to read this weekend, too.

Ahhhh, comic book bliss!!!

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