Summer Coming to a Close

Yes friends, the heat has been intense, the air droopy with humidity, the sky empty of clouds, and the sun pouring down it’s rays upon us in our travels, but the evening shadows along our east/west streets are becoming increasingly parallel to the curbs and sidewalks, a very sure sign that the autumnal equinox is nigh upon us, and indeed, a week from today on Sept. 22, autumn will arrive.

This week I finished all of my end of summer seed saving activities and this coming week I’ll be preparing the earth around my house for planting putting those happy little seeds into the ground, neatly in their rows for the autumn and winter.

But tonight is Dungeons and Dragons gaming around the dinner table at my house. We had a brilliant game two weeks ago where we had some brilliant and memorable battles, and some brilliant other activities also. Particularly, the wizard in our group used one of hir spells to talk to the spirit of the one of the dead bandits we killed in battle. We found out the primary reason they were raiding the trade route, and where the secret access way to their main hideout is! So tonight, big battle against the bad guys!

The first episode of this season’s Glee was on this week and it was a real delight. Actually, I was a little disappointed with the lead singer to replace Rachel – ze isn’t really as good a singer as Rachel – but the character ze plays seems like a great character that is very well played. And hey, maybe ze’ll get to be an even better singer as the season goes on! Outside of that, by the rest of the episode, I am soooo looking forward to the episodes of the coming year, I know it’s gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!

About a week ago, I was walking on down the street to my new church, Pilgrim Congregational, for the weekly quilting and craft night which I’ve gotten super involved in and saw this wellest sunset looking west toward Garey Avenue:

Ahhhhhh, delightful Pomona.

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