Binders Full of Women

A scene from Gangnam Style.

If any of you didn’t see the second presidential debate last week, in it Mitt Romney was asked a question about women’s equality, and ze responded by saying that when ze was putting together hir cabinet as governor, ze noticed that there weren’t any women on the list of potential candidates for cabinet positions. He inquired about it and “binders full of women” were brought for hir to look through to add to hir options. Here’s a link to view the comment on YouTube.

As a result of this comment, now on, people have been leaving binder reviews about how many women they can fit into a binder, how as a woman, they don’t fit well into that particular binder, etc., etc. It is also an interesting commentary on society now as the reviews of products have now become venues of political satire! lol!!!!!

Also on Nose Hair Lint Gland last week, they had a really delightful discussion about it all, too. Below is an audio clip from the show:

[audio:binders_nhlg_2012-10-17-clip.mp3|titles=Binders full of women on Nose Hair Lint Gland 2012-10-17|autostart=no]

Praise “Bob”!!!!!!!!

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