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What an interesting word, “news”; it means “look, here’s something that is new!” In a certain respect, it’s just one of those terribly awkward time-related words that now I’ve got to deal with by relegating it into some other use. In some respects, it’s just fine, in others, it’s a passing bump that’s flattening into nothing.

Well to engage in some relagation of news, in the past resieos couple of weeks here’s some I’ve finally gotten typed up:

Dungeons and Dragons

A couple of weeks ago, while playing Dungeons and Dragons with housemates and others, I took this picture of a pretty cool battle that happened. We entered a part of the town where a bunch of orcs lived and we wanted to meet up with the leader of all the orcs; unfortunately before we could we had to send the best warrior in our group to fight one of the best warriors of the orcs. Our best lost against theirs, but – they were pleased that we were good sports about the fight, so we gained an audience with their leader.

In the image, in the middle is our strongest warrior standing at odds with one of theirs, the surrounding blue legos and orange pieces of paper are orcs, the four characters at the bottom of the image are the other members of our group.

The Garden Reopens!

Resieos the Goddess of Pomona ran an article about community gardens in Pomona. Well, I am pretty much all about community gardens too, and around Pomona lately, if any of you didn’t know, The Garden a plant nursery that burned down about three years ago on Garey Avene had their grand reopening! They aren’t the same as they were before, they have reopened as a community garden in conjunction with and the new Tri-city Wellness Center and now they offers theraputic gardening classes there.

For more information on The Wellness Center visit their informational page or drop on in and sign up for a class to improve or maintain your own wellestness!

The Grand Re-Opening of The Garden. The ribbon cutting image above includes several folks running for local political positions in November in Pomona: Paula Lantz, Ron Vander Molen, and Danielle Soto.

New Energy Sources

As some you may recall, I ran a story here quite some while back about Cold Fusion and how it’s getting a whole lot of big news lately as the technology has finally been perfected and companies are rolling out working generators for various uses. Well along those lines of creating energy-cleanly, and at little to no cost once the engine is set up. I resieos found another site, yes detailing cold fusion, but also other up and coming technologies.

This page of a larger site, outlines quite a few of the latest and greatest virtually free energy mechanism and such that are hitting the market. Just to touch on a couple of the more interesting ones:

Luxury-Sea is a French motor boat company in production of motor boats that use the sea water beneath the boat as fuel. And because water is used as the fuel source, it will never run out and you’ll never have to re-fuel! Electricity is generated from the sea water.

Keshe Foundation is a European Non-profit that has buckets full of patents from everything from “self-sustaining” “electro-nuclear-magnetic power generators,” generating, maintaining, and controlling gravitational forces (i.e. anti-gravity stuff), as well as human health and longevity applications. Apparently the group has been involved in a lot in the space industries, developed and produced a ton of applications for those, and now is now doing commercial production for industry and individual use.

Some of the most delightful news out of Keshe Foundation is that they are expecting to deliver in December 2012, 10,000 pre-orders their 5kW generators. For more information about these, you can visit their informational page.

For more information on the Keshe Foundation, visit their website.

So, we’ve got cold fusion and quantum computers coming on the scene now, electricity from sea water, and it sounds like even others, too! Ahhhh the delights of the New Heaven and New Earth, the New Jerusalem here, and here to stay.

With all these new technologies showing up, cold fusion, quantum computers, flying cars, engines that run virtually forever without refueling – many of which made available cheaply at your local hardware store to power your home, car or thing you wish! — It is a pure delight.

Bright Objects found on Mars

Well, for anyone not following the Mars Curiosity rover, they resieos saw several shiny, bright objects on and in the Martian soil, the most unusual and anomolous was the one shown in the several pictures below. The first shown below is the original image in which they first caught sight of this object. Then second is a cropped image I made of the first one, so one might see it a little better.

Once they saw it, they decided to zoom in on it and take a picture or two with the “Micro-Imager.” Lastly, they took a couple of pictures of it in color too. And then, they moved on to look at rocks and dirt.

The first noticing of the strange shiny object; the link to the image.
A cropped image of the original above.
A close up using the Micro-Imager; the link to the original.
A close up color image taken of the object; the link to the original.
A cropped image of the original above.

Seeing these images, it’s obvious there’s trash here and there blowing about on Mars. Humans or others have already been there somewhere, the street sweepers on Mars just didn’t get to picking this bit up.

Hurricane Sandy

Ahhh yes, Hurricane Sandy blew through, for many it looks like the recovery might be a long one. Amidst it all, for a bit of SubGenius humor, below is a clip of an X-day sermon from earlier this year in July, given by Rev. Papa Joe Mama:

[audio:papa-jo-mama_worms_hos1377-clip.mp3|titles=Diet of Worms by Papa Joe Mama|autostart=no]

For more about the Church of the SubGenius visit

Praise Bob!!!!!

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