The County Fair

My next door neighbor posing in front of the NHRA Motorsports Museum at the Fairplex.

This year I went to the county fair twice and it was delightfully the very wellest! I walked to the fair and spent both days with a next door neighbor who was also going, so we just teamed up and went together!

We saw tons of super cool stuff, but to par it down to just a couple, probably the three coolest things we saw were:

1. The NHRA Motorsports Museum at the Fairplex. They had a big discount on fair days and you could get in for only a single dollar! I really knew very little about car racing, and so the visit was quite an education. The museum displays primarily two varieties of race cars: Drag racing cars and Bonneville Salt Flat racing cars. And just about all the cars in the museum hold one or several records.

We also came to find out that of the two main national NHRA Drag Racing races, both the opening races and the closing races of the year, are held right here in Pomona!!!!! Supposedly Pomona is quite the mecca for drag racers across the nation and the world! The NHRA Finals will be in taking place in Pomona, Nov. 8-11. Only a few short blocks from my house!

2. The Charlie Daniels Band. We had no idea how easy it was to get free tickets to the concert. Finding the booth where they distribute them and then actually finding the entrance where they let people into the bandstand was not terribly intuitive, but after that it was awesome. Three bands performed: The Charlie Daniels Band, 38 Special, and The Outlaws. It was truly great to hear The Charlie Daniels Band, 38 Special really knew how to get the audience involved and excited during their performance, but my very favorite was The Outlaws, who opened the show. For some reason the sound quality during The Outlaws performance as just really super compared to the other bands and the guitar solos and duets seems on another level above the other bands.

The concert stage with a grand vista of the mountains in the backdrop.

3. The Genius Exhibition. One building at the Fairplex was filled up showing off American inventors! It had a bunch of inventions on display, plus lots of cool informative displays showing off the ingenuity that has come out of the United States. It showed off present day sieos inventors such as Steve Jobs all the way back to early American inventors such as Benjamin Franklin — and they even had a Benjamin Franklin impersonator there who would answer any question you might have about hir, hir inventions, the founding fathers, and early America. I was actually really pleased by this exhibition in that I can see how this exhibit might inspire young people to excel in the realms of science and creating new inventions!

I also got to see a goat milking demostration and I got to milk a goat too! We saw lots of farm animals, and even went to the free farm animal petting zoo area too and got to pet and say hi to a whole lot of different farm animals.

The L.A. County Fair was true delight this year. It’s the very wellest – especially here in Pomona!!!!! Yay Pomona!

A picture I took looking out on the fair from the top of the bandstand.
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