Gangnam Style is #1 on YouTube

Yes friends, Gangnam Style today crossed over into the #1 most watched video on YouTube. Checking the video stats moments ago it was 811,938,269 total views. Many are saying that it will hit 1 billion total views before January 1st. We’ll see!

In other news, Thanksgiving was delightful and I hung out with lots of good friends and ate lots of food. Yum.

Today I wandered over to Funny Business to pick up my comic books for the week and Justice League was out. Powergirl is of course my favorite character in the DC universe, but, strangely, Billy Batson has risen to the #2 spot for me. There have simply been some beautiful, playful, adorable moments for hir in the comic book. I’m really enjoying it.

Other than that, a bunch of new seeds came in the mail and in the coming week I’ll be planting several of my beds up with onions and winter squash. I can hardly wait!!!!!!!

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