The Gentle Transition

This post is in response to a post over at Original Skrip:

What the video in Original Skrip’s post doesn’t cover is that a return to a purely gold-based system is not reasonable because everything is presently devalued to nothing. Both the printing of money without backing it and fractional reserve banking actually mean that money itself is WORTHLESS. It’s not that we should use money, but that we are going to stop using money and any forms of exchange. That’s the plan. And living life without money, debt, nor exchange of any kind is the line that we are about to cross.

Nothing can stop this. Printing money without backing it and fractional reserve banking make money worthless, but so does both industrialization and relatedly the internet. When you’ve got machines that can punch out widgets at rates unfathomable 100 years ago, it devalues the currency quite literally to be worthless; a quite natural sign of this are 99 cent stores. When you have an internet pumping out content for free at the massive degree of today, blogs, newspapers and magazines, books, movies, TV, and music all viewable virtually for free, it devalues everything else in society, and it adds to the making of money to be worthless.

Crossing the threshold into a moneyless and exchangeless economy is inevitable, and we are quite literally at that threshold this very instant.

The only thing that any of us can do now is to make sure that before we completely cross over, that whatever “career” or “profession” you are in, make sure that you are completely happy doing whatever that is, so that in the crossing over, everything in society (grocery stores, yard maintenance, garbage collection, farming, etc., etc.) continues to work perfectly. There will be no uprising, it will simply be a cross over into the new economy.

There will be no global currency or some such thing, it cannot be sustained under current industrial and technological conditions. Prepare now for the transition, to be the very happiest in whatever you are doing.

The natural end state of an industrial society is that very outcome.

If you are in a profession that will be useless under the coming system, prepare yourself to either leave it, or search out and find the ways for your career to have whatever applicability that it could. Some professions are going to be done away with, realize this and prepare for transition if you are in such a position.

If all of this is a lot to digest right now, just be gentle with it within yourself. You see the signs literally everywhere, and you know there is nothing that anyone can do to change the global economic situation. The cross over is nigh. Don’t freak out, just say, “What can I do to prepare the very best I can, so that it is the easiest and most pleasant transition possible?” Prepare yourself so that in the blink of an eye, whether you are paid or not, you are going to be the happiest possible.

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