Gangnam Style Hits 1 Billion views

Friends, I woke up this morning, and somehow the sun rose, and everything appears to be mostly just fine. The world has not ended! Wow.

On YouTube on the other hand, I just checked it a moment ago and Gangnam Style is at 1,000,382,639 views now! So not only is it the most viewed YouTube ever, it’s also the first ever to hit 1 billion views.

To enjoy the beginning of winter, I’m finishing off a Redbox movie this morning before taking it back to Staters and I’m working on my Peter Jensen skirt. Last night at my Bible study group (we just finished Second Samuel), I told the people in my group that I’ll probably be done with the skirt by next week when we meet up again. There’s just a tiny bit left to do and it’ll be done. Yay!!!!!

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