Bright Photos for a Rainy Day

More rain is here, but above are a couple of bright photos. A friend from church snapped the first two, a sunset photo near Palm Springs, the other is somewhere here in Lincoln Park.

Mars Boulders

Above is a cool Mars photo of some bizarre looking boulders on Mars, taken by the Mars Curiosity rover on it’s 120th day on Mars. The photo is from this photo and this photo lined up next to each other.

To tip my hat to Original Skrip, who’s fond of reporting about UFOs and such, there’s an interesting YouTube of the present Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, last month, telling a reporter on camera that aliens from other worlds are already living among us, in numbers that some might consider surprising. Check out the YouTube of it, or there’s an article too.

What Dmitry says about public panic ensuing if lots of people knew is absolutely the farthest thing from the truth! Here’s an example: As more and more people find out about it, like that the next door neighbors are from Regulus in the Sickle of Leo, and their family is here for the next year in Pomona so as two of parents in the family might enjoy painting images of the Pomona Train station in the style of Claude_Lorrain and Pierre-Auguste Renoir for an art exhibition on their homeworld. You’d be like, “This so cool!!!!!” And it is.

As the economics of the larger universe and us in a brilliant enlightenment, our globe has entered a new age too, where everyone always has all the food they could ever desire to eat, all the possessions they could ever desire, a dwelling structure they delight in and call home, a delightful warm bed to sleep in whenever they wish, a physical body that remains eternally young and youthful, and is always healthy to the greatest degree, and amidst all this, a life where they enjoy, whenever they wish, only the most pleasing and delightful things to them. It is a gorgeous, beautiful new world, and new life for us all!!!!!

AMOCA in Pomona

And while coming back from the main bus terminal in downtown Pomona this week, I’d taken the bus to do a little shopping, I was walking by the old PFF building that’s been turned into a ceramics studio and museum. The doors were open and someone gave me a tour! Anyway, I snapped the photos you see and if you wanna know more about this delightful gem of Pomona, check out their website at They’ve got classes and memberships so you can make your own ceramics there too. The last picture above is of someone actually making a pot on an actual spinning wheel!

Pomona is so cool!

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