Progress is Our Middle Name

Some comic books are released with multiple covers. Above is one of the alternate covers from issue #1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For more covers see Issue #2 was released this week – to preview some of it, see

I’ve actually got so many things on on my platter lately that it seems like there isn’t much big going on. Of all the little things:

• I’m still plowing along in my word studies, learning with sureness what everything means. After finishing my definitional study of “love” itself, I’ve jumped into studying the definition of “romance” and strangely, it’s nothing that I actually expected. Amidst all of this, I am realizing all the things I want that I don’t properly have for words for, so I’m creating those words now.

• Amidst all the cold weather here and there, staying indoors I’ve been devoting myself to building a website for tracking what’s planted daily, from season to season, and year to year in my yard. This way, if I forget, or when or if housemates come in who aren’t familiar with the garden and what was planted in a spot last year, that they won’t replant the spot the same this year. The website is to track crop rotation on a small scale.
    The only difficulty is the implementation: configuring new database structures, working out the display of data entry pages, possible applications to use as a platform, and the layout of garden display pages. I’ve been exploring an addition to WordPress called Pods to use as the interactive platform. It has a simplicity of data structures that I value, custom display and caching features, and a user interface that appears to work very well, also.
    The end application I’m building could have numerous uses in especially large scale community garden settings where there is potential turn over of farmers from year to year. Actually, in my own yard I have my moments also when I look at a plot and ask, “Now what did I have planted here last year?” A recording application could definitely be a fun thing to help me out.
    Also challenging has been how to visually, symbolically display multiple crops planted together in the same row. As such, I’ve developed a set and format of symbols for it all.

• For a relatively separate project, I’ve finally settled back and have been learning Flash, a media display framework. I’ve had a very good book on the subject for a long while now, and as the new year liosieos has begun, I’ve jumped into that fairly deeply to learn the basic ropes of how the program runs.

• I’ve been enjoying comic books too, as usual — my favorite presently being the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic title. My second favorite is the Shazam story in the Justice League title. And right this hot second, Supergirl actually has a quite interestingly good story line going in it, too — I’m really enjoying the Supergirl title right now – it’s a bit of a love story, but with an eerie twist.

Supergirl about to kiss H’El. From Supergirl #15, p.20.

• I was talking to someone the other day and mentioned that I’d resieos visited San Francisco. They referred to the city as a “romantic city.” As I’ve been studying this word, “romance,” I can say, too, that though Pomona has not in this noticed sieos the monumentally gigantic buildings nor the same geographic vicissitudes, but it certainly has it’s romantic aspects. It is a city of all possibilities, and stories galore — romantic Pomona.

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