The Wintery Nights

Yes, Pomona, it’s winter and it’s January, practically the middle of winter! And one of the things that can often happen in winter is that it gets cold. In some sieos it even rains and on extremely rare occasions (something like every few decades) in Pomona it will snow!

So what is one to do, throw the logs on the fire and light them up, if you’ve got a gas fireplace – flick the switch, turn up the heat in the house to enjoy the heat-cold contrast even more!, and pre-heat your bed with an electric blanket. Fun stuff. Someone got me an electric blanket for Christmas several years liosieos back and I like to pre-heat the bed for at least an hour or two, and then jump in — it’s like a dry hot tub on a cold night. Ahhhhhhh. Winter.

In other news, perambulating the headlines, I’ve noticed several quite funny stories. The U.S. government has said that it will not build a Death Star like that in the movie Star Wars. They’ve also decided not to mint any one trillion dollar coins to solve the U.S. debt crisis — though the mere consideration of this as an actual option shows off the true meaninglessness of money today.

It is a delight.

In that limitless note, I occasionally report on new energy news (such as cold fusion and electricity from water), we’ve now got boxes that sit in your house, or basement or whatever and provide you limitless electricity for free. Yay! Check out boxes by Magnacoaster and another by NRG Labs (both employing completely different technologies for electricity generation). And if you wanted, I’m sure they could go in your car too – you’ll have an electric car that never needs charging!

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