What is Dobbstown?

It’s what makes Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys fly.
It’s the drug that helps you find God.
It is where all the flowers have gone.
It’s near the coast of Honah Lee.
It’s where Amelia Earhart crashed.
It’s where you get all the pets you ever wanted.
It’s where science and magic are the same things.
It’s where the early worm gets away.
It’s for when you’re too lazy to kill yourself.
It is where the lamb and the lion lie down and have sex together.
Where “Bob” comes home after an easy day’s work.


Welcome to Dobbstown!

[audio:what-is-dobbstown_hos_1392.mp3|titles=What is Dobbstown|autostart=no]

For more information about Dobbstown and The Church of the SubGenius, visit www.subgenius.com.

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