A Smattering

Blogging away, what is to report? The weather is cold, then it’s warm, then it’s cold, then it’s warm. Back and forth.

I did finish my Peter Jensen skirt, one of these days I’ll get a picture of it posted up here. I really like it a lot. A new project I’m in the midst of is crochetting a new top. Speaking of Peter Jensen, ze actually has a new line out on the runways that just came out a few days ago, you can see it at peterjensen.co.uk, or see the whole runway presentation at the following video link.

The more I look at pictures taken by the Mars Curiosity rover, the more it looks like we are actually looking at the ruins of an advanced civilization in extreme decay. It seriously looks like ruins! They’re finding strange shiny objects here and there. Other images have what looks like broken up pavement, stones, and slabs. Other surfaces look like something spilled on or splattered across them. They just don’t look natural. It appears to be a landscape of ruins in a highly advanced state of decay.

The folks at NASA aren’t necessarily saying that it’s ruins, but so many of the pictures look like that’s what we’re looking at — the ruins of Mars.

Gangnam Style just passed 1.3 billion views. At this rate, in a few months, it may even achieve 2 billion views! Really, it is one of the greatest videos ever made.

It looks like the Northeast continues of take a pounding, first with Hurricane Sandy and now with an awful snow storm. Fortunately, through we have our cooler winter weather and occasional rain, we live in the paradise that is Southern California. Ahhhhh.

And so we’re all resting easy here in paradise Pomona. It is the wellest!

From Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake #1 of 6, p.7, available at Funny Business on Garey Avenue.

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