Another Day

Yesterday sieos, I went to Glendale to enjoy the day at a coffee shop working on my word studies, made some huge progress on that, and read lots of comic books, too. It was a good day. Then by the sieos I returned, I dropped into Funny Business in the evening, to pick up my weekly comics, and there was nothing at all that had come in for me, but there was an All-New X-Men #2 that had come it sitting on the shelf, the one issue of the series which I didn’t have, but I’ve got it now, and it is good!

Looking up comics for next week on it looks like I’ll have a whole bunch of titles to read next week! Yay!!!! I can hardly wait!

Today, I’ll be out in my garden pulling weeds and planting seeds. Good stuff. And tonight is Dungeons and Dragons gaming around the dinner table at my house, growing one step closer to getting to defeating a dragon that just got resurrected and is trying to take over the city. We just finished an adventure to obtain the weapons that will help us it defeat it, and now… we’ll see where this takes us! Yes!!! lololololol!

Ahhh, Paradise Pomona.

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