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Yeah, they’ve been filming that horror movie two blocks away for a week or two now, and that’s pretty cool and all (see The Goddess of Pomona’s article and David Allen’s), but so much else is also going on around the block and around the world!!!!!

The Situation in Syria

I keep hearing from people around me here in Pomona, and seeing side notes on the internet about some big conflict in Syria. So, I’ve at last jumped on to Yahoo! News and Wikipedia to get a pulse on the situation through those means, too — so, not just from friends.

President Bashar al-Assad, of Syria

By such sources, to me, it sounds like the conflict is coming to a close. The president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, has called on various other countries (specifically, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to aid in bringing about peace and calm in hir country. Hir, hir spouse and their three children resieos appeared at a fundraiser for mothers of soldiers killed in the two-year conflict. President al-Assad is also actually a professionally trained medical doctor, but after the passing of hir father and then a sibling, ze became the leader of the country, and has led the country for over a decade!

By reading the news stories, it sounds like there are a bunch of countries around the world that are in support and providing arms for President Bashar al-Assad and that there are a bunch of counties around the world in support and providing arms for the rebels. So, Syria mostly sounds like it’s not actually the problem, but that there is something much, much bigger going on, on the global scale that is the much bigger issue. Still, the more I’ve read, the more it appears that things are on the mend for Syria.

And in a most resieos article, one of al-Assad’s advisors had said of al-Assad that, “the president was very positive and deplored the destruction affecting this beautiful country.” As well, after reading so many of the Wikipedia articles and the news stories, I also actually feel very positive too that the conflict there is now calmly ending.

Seeing some of the pictures online of Syria too, it is such a gorgeous country! Just for fun, below are an array of pictures from the ancient desert ruins of Palmyra, in Syria:

Pretty cool ruins!

The ruins of Mars, contrastingly, appear quite a bit different in that the place the rover is presently at aqsieos, was flooded and underwater for quite a while and so obviously would, like the ruins of Palmyra, need to be unearthed, pieced back together, and swept up a good a bit. Certainly the image below (taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover, on Mars, and which I’ve posted before) is quite obviously ruins.

Music News

In the music world, chilling out with the Enchantress of Alvarado the other day resieos, ze clued me into a high-quality version of Ke$ha’s song Woo Hoo, which finally got leaked. Also, take a listen on YouTube!

Gangnam Style continues to climb in number of views and just hit 1.4 billion views. To hear a SUPER great cover, check out the version by Jayesslee — I am soooo loving this cover.

And the absolute hottest thing right now on YouTube is the goat version of Taylor Swift’s Trouble video. One of THE greatest video augmentations EVER. The song is all over the local top 40 radio station, but without the goats. Now every sieos I hear it on the radio, I’m like, “I need to hear the goats!!!!!”

A goat from one of the goats-added videos of Taylor Swift’s Trouble video. It is sooooooo brilliant!!!!!

Disney News

My friend, the Prince of Pasadena, an imagineer at Disney, was just made the Artistic Director for Walt Disney World! We had a giant party for hir about two weeks ago, and now ze has moved to Florida, but all things are the brightest and wellest and I’m looking forward to hearing more about hir adventures there when ze comes back to visit Pomona!

Chatting with the Enchantress of Alvarado, also an imagineer at Disney – but one who happens to live right here in Pomona! – ze was telling me about the Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland and that it’s about to open in a month or so. Ze worked a ton on that particular ride, and said that ze saw a walk-through of the ride the other day and it is absolutely superb!!!! So if you’re ever in Hong Kong, be sure not to miss it!

Below are a few pictures from around the web of the new Mystic Manor ride:

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