Guardians of the Galaxy

This past week I dropped on in Funny Business to pick up my weekly comic books and on the shelf was the Guardians of the Galaxy title, which is the group that supposedly Iron Man joins at the very end of new Iron Man 3 movie (a new trailer for Iron Man 3 actually just came out today). And next year, 2014, they’re scheduled to release a Guardians of the Galaxy movie as a follow up to Iron Man 3. While at Funny Business, I flipped through a copy of this new title and reading bits here and there, it was quite good. Picking up the title and reading it all when I got home, and they did a really, really good job for an opening title!!!! It introduced the main character extremely well, got to know their passions and why they were doing what they were doing, and introduced the larger story of the title. It was just so seamlessly drawn and well written. I am looking forward to enjoying future titles of it.

Also I picked up the latest copy of the Previews catelogue and looking online too, they are cancelling one of my favorite titles, Sword of Sorcery, but are going to start several new titles that actually appear quite exciting to me. They’ve developed or are developing two comic book titles which tell of the Occupy Wall Street and the 1 percenters, but within the context of the DC Universe (with all the superheros – Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.). But some of the heros that have been disenfranchised by the top heros – it sounds like they join in support of the 99%. Wow. I’ve not really followed news about the Occupy Movement (I consider myself rather a part of the zero percent), but to see it in comic books, I’m thrilled to see it in the DC Universe.

Interestingly, also, there is another title I saw in Previews coming out by another publisher, and it’s titled, Occupy Comics — supposedly it’s even more comics dialogue about the Occupy Movement. Anyway, interesting stuff.

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