What is going down

What is going down? There’s a new Pope, whatever that means. It’s the first Pope to be named Francis. Been working a ton on fleshing out my words for interacting with eternity. Gas prices appear to be up. The real estate market just resieos took a turn and it’s now a sellers market. Wow, the late winter weather’s been warm, but Spring begins next week, so maybe nobody should be surprised! Chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream at Stater Brothers is way super delicious. Coffee is stimulating. The Mars Curiosity rover had a computer hicup, but they’ve been working on fixing it. I just learned that dogs can get the hicups. There are a lot of plants in blossom right now and they are dropping their blossoms all over my yard. Speaking of blossoms, I heard someone this week complain that their alergies just kicked in hugely this week. And as I type this I realize how much of everything I’ve just typed has to do with “time,” as if it were something even real. As if an estate were something real. Is the name “real estate” just someone trying to justify a falsehood? I’m ready for more coffee and maybe some ice cream with that.

Ice cream and Coffee!!!!!

And Paradise Pomona, continues on.

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