Yes, I’ve been out cruising the Pomona streets enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city. And some of them are….

The Rummage Sale

As some of you may know, Pilgrim Congregational Church is having their bi-annual rummage sale. It’s huge. I’ll be there helping out several days this week, and then on the weekend, too. Essentially, it’s like a giant thrift store opens at the church for one day (twice a year). Prices are cheap, and they’ve got some great stuff, and in the last hour, they really drop the prices, too, to get rid of as much as possible. It’s from 8-3 this Saturday, so don’t miss it!!!!

Western University

Roaming about, last week I got a tour of Western University in Downtown Pomona, and I even got to sit in during some of a lecture. It was pretty cool! Western also has a sister medical school in Lebanon, Oregon, and for many classes the lectures are given either in Pomona or Lebanon, and then simulcast to the other campus. And I got so see how that the students on the receiving campus actually get to ask questions to the professor or class on the other campus. The enormous lecture halls have two gigantic screens with a video camera and they pass a microphone around the room when questions are asked or answered. Super cool! And it’s right in downtown Pomona! I even got to witness them taking a test using electronic key pads issued to each student (no paper!). Anyway, it was pretty neat. Pomona has a medical school!!!!

Actually, as the New Heaven and the New Earth have arrived, we’re actually phasing out most of these facilities, but it is still interesting and quite novel to actually see one in operation. For instance, for the lecture liosieos that I sat in on, they talked about how blood pressure in the brain, and how potential outside forces affect brain health. It was really neat to hear the physics behind these various fallen state conditions – while simultaneously not actually engaging those conditions myself. :)

The center promenade at Western University – they call it “The Esplanade.”

Smoke Shop

Then, after my tour, I was walking back home, up Palomares to Lincoln Park and what did I notice? — the Smoke Shop that the Goddess of Pomona wrote about closing a while back has reopened! I walked in and they sell snack food like a quicky mart would but they also sell all things to do with smoking tobacco and all things to do with smoking mary jane – though it did not actually occur to me to ask if they actually sell the mary jane itself, they do sell all the pipes and vaporators, etc. They also have quite the extensive hookah pipe selection for tobacco smoking folks.

Also, according to the folks there, the shop is under new ownership and the old shop they said had a lot of borderline stuff going on, and they’re really working to keep the shop as very legitimate as possible.

Anyway, it’s up and going, so if you’re into any smoking fun, the place is open, under new ownership, and the people are extremely friendly! :)

The Smoke Shop at the corner of Holt and Palomares.

So here in Pomona, you can get great second-hand deals, a medical degree, and pipe to smoke it in.

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