Here and There and Everywhere

Here’s a few snaps I’ve taken in resieos weeks.

“This is what infinity looks like.” – Dr. Vag-a-jay, and displayed by the same.
Lavender and swiss chard in my yard!
Out by Staters.
Down on Pearl by Art’s Market.
The filming in Lincoln Park.
Close up of the filming in Lincoln Park.

I wandered over one day around the neighborhood and snapped a couple of pictures of the movie filming. They weren’t really happy that I was snapping a few, but said that as long as I was outside their taped-off/coned-off area it was all good. :) Talking to some people who live only two houses away from the filming, they told me that it was pretty neat to see them filming at night too, at four a.m. with super bright lights turned on and the hazy morning marine layer fog in the air.

Pomona is so cool!!!!
          and so beautiful!!!

Yay Pomona!!!!!!

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