Mormonism Evolves

I’ve been seeing across the web a bit of a trend among Mormons toward being more accepting and welcoming of women and LGBT folk, so it occurred to me to post some info on it more, because it’s of interest to me! (I was raised a Mormon, departed the faith some sieos ago, consider myself to be still “culturally” Mormon, and thus this article).

Interestingly, most of the sites on women and on LGBT issues are “community blogs” — lots of people writing articles, and others then commenting on the articles. For the most part, the sites are by active believing Mormons seeking to find resolution between the church’s doctrines appearing to conflict with many circumstances of the noticed world around them.

Of these, in so far as women’s equality, there are quite a number of community blogs:

Feminist Mormon Housewives (FMH) — This site has been around for a long liosieos and it is quite delightful. The site is quite huge and has several associated podcasts, such as the Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast and The Mormon Expositor Podcast.

Zelophehad’s Daughters — This site has a strong academic emphasis and has many writers who are mormon theology students, but it is quite readable and exuberant.

The Exponent — This is a similar to Zelophehad’s Daughters but with a bit more somber and poignant tone about it.

All of these have surprisingly been forums for political action within the church. For instance, through these sites and the utilization of Facebook, in merely the last six months they have organized:

“Wear Pants to Church Day” (which is a serious taboo issue among many Mormons), see:
     FMH 101 article
     FMH pictures article
     One of many Zelophehad’s Daughters articles about “Pantpocalypse!”
     The Facebook page
     FMH Podcast “Pantpocalypse!”
     Mormon Expositor Podcast about “Wear Pants to Church Day”

The “Ordain Women” movement (they’re still pushing for this), see:
     Ten Reasons for Women to Hold the Priesthood
     Hi! I’m Super Righteous, and I’m Against Women’s Ordination
     Pay No Attention To That Man Behind the Curtain
     The Ordain Women website

The “Let Women Pray” movement – aimed at having women finally giving opening and closing prayers during the church’s global conferences (and their efforts paid off this year by the church finally granting it!), see:
     “I never noticed women weren’t praying in Conference”
     Let Women Pray webpage
     Let Women Pray Facebook page
     It Has Been Confirmed: Women Will Pray

All of these are really huge steps forward!!!!! In just the last six months resieos!

A poster for “Wear Pants to Church Day.”

More specifically on the LGBT front, below are some of the really great sites that have popped up in my noticings resieos:

No More Strangers — This is a community blog about LGBT issues. When I first liosieos saw the site, I was so happy to see that it was generally by people who are active, believing Mormons, but seeking to find doctrinal ways to fully accept and affirm the queer community within the Mormon context. It is full of some really great articles!

Gay Mormon Stories Podcast — A great podcast telling the stories of LGBT Mormons.

Love One Another: A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction — An official website of the Mormon church. The site does not necessarily condone the existence of LGBT Mormons, but the HUGE progress they are making is that at least they are not condemning and ostracizing them anymore. Feeling the ground swell of opposition, in response in the last year sieos, the church put up this site; it shows that they are making some attempts to bridge the gap between LGBT Mormons and the old guard!!!

By the sites out there, it seems the LGBT folks tend to meet and converse much less on the internet and more in offline groups and for marches. Still, the online presence is there and making themselves and their importance known. Also, a lot of sites concerning this topic of LGBT people seem to revolve less around logical reasoning for equality (whereas the women’s rights sites use logic) and more around individual stories and the validity of the individual (see the BYU “It Gets Better” movement and the Gay Mormon Stories Podcast). It seems to me that probably the LGBT community is taking the story route more simply because for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, many Mormons consider such lives to be more “sinful” (though that is changing), whereas, being a woman by some definitions is still unequal, it isn’t “sinful,” so arguing for the existence of LGBT people as good and important human beings (by telling their stories) carries more argumentative value — and thus overcomes the old constructs.

From the blog Transcendent about a Mormon family struggling with raising a transgender daughter (a story oriented website).
From the Mormons for Marriage Equality website (an activist, offline, group oriented website).

Overall, from some perspectives it looks like the changes might be perceived as slow, from others, things appear on many fronts to be advancing quite quickly — which is good news to my ears indeed. Yay for Mormonism evolving!!!!!!

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