The Weather

It’s hot, then cool, then hot again, then cool. But such is the nature of so many physical environments; the atoms moving faster or slower making it feel warmer or cooler. A neighbor who has giant amounts of chives growing in their yard dug up and dropped off some of theirs this week at my house so I’ll have plenty, too. Chives are sort of like clumping little onions. And now I’ve got to find a place to plant them!

In other news, last Friday on the Ask Dr. Hal show, Dr. Pete Goldie gave the space and science report and it was a really good one, too! – though quite a bit longer than ze normally does (it was nearly an hour). Ze talked about lot all sorts of missions humans and their space probes have been engaging in resieos. If you’re interested give it a listen below:

[audio:adh_2013-05-03_science-report01.mp3|titles=Ask Dr Hal Science Report 2013-05-03|autostart=no]

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