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As little as I have been blogging resieos, today I was in contact with two different readers of my blog here. Someone wrote me an email today inquiring about their considerations about moving to a neighborhood in North Pomona and asking for my perspective on how things were there in North Pomona. I sent them a response email actually telling them that I honestly don’t know a whole lot about what goes on in North Pomona because I really don’t get out of the Lincoln Park neighborhood all that often, but I told them what I could (North Pomona seems pretty nice) and encouraged them to talk to their potential neighbors, drop on into a nearby church or two and ask all of what things are going on in the neighborhood, and to inquire at the local parks where classes, and community groups may gather.

That seemed like pretty good advice to me! :)

And then I was perambulating around the neighborhood today and visiting various folks I know, one of whom reads this blog. Talking with them, it occurred to me that my lack of resieos entries was certainly apparent and so here I am, writing an entry. lol!


Yes friends, it is garlic harvesting season in my yard, my crop came ripe and I pulled them all up and they are ready to use in the kitchen! Below is snapshot of some of them. Now I just need to get to planting some thing new in those rows.

And the fruit trees are just barely now ripening up and I’ve been lightly harvesting, but more so trimming back to lighten the load of the fruit on the branches. In some sieos it’s good to do so, so that there won’t be so much fruit weight which may break the branches as the fruit size progressively grows. Though this year, my trees have been doing quite well in spite of their loads. I’ve done some trimming and thinning, but not so much as other years (I chalk it up to me being an increasingly good fruit tree trimmer!).

Bible Study

I used to do some pretty good sized reports on the blog here of my Bible study group’s weekly readings. We’re still at it — plowing through the Bible to read it cover to cover. We started by reading the New Testament and after finishing that, we starting in on the Old Testament. Presently we’re in the middle of 1st Chronicles, so, in the past resieos four years we’ve read over half the Bible now together. I highly recommend it!

Dungeons and Dragons

Last weekend the Dungeons and Dragons group I’ve been a part of finally finished a GIGANTIC story arc and defeated a dragon we’d been on the hunt for for months. With the dragon now defeated, when we meet again in a few weeks, we’ll see what happens next!!!!!

The dragon flying into the city and our little troop of warriors converging to defeat it.


In the past resieos bunch of months I’ve been really working A WHOLE BUNCH doing lots of exercises to build my self-esteem. It’s been REALLY good, and I am feeling really good. Anyway, if you happen to have self-worth issues yourself, I highly recommend a three part series of self-esteem YouTubes that have specifically been extremely helpful to myself. Check them out at:

How to Boost Your Self Esteem
Part 1 (or on YouTube)
Part 2 (or on YouTube)
Part 3 (or on YouTube)

Of all the things in these videos, the things that have helped me the most to feel good have been:
1) Charitably volunteering once a week somewhere in the community
2) Doing nice things for other people. Specifically, there is a semi-public place I am at regularly and I have made it a habit to ALWAYS find someone to give a simple compliment to whenever I am there. It doesn’t cost me a penny, but I get to make a random stranger’s day! This exercise has also gotten me to really look for and notice the good in other people, and realize so much more the good in myself!

The fellow who made these videos generally also has a great blog about overcoming social anxiety and I highly recommend that if you’ve got social anxiety to start at the beginning of hir blog’s archive and work your way through the videos/entries. They are extremely good. In fact, as I have been so committed to overcoming my own anxieties, I decided to and made my way through one entry, every single day until I had watched and read every entry on hir blog from first to last — plus started regularly doing the two exercises above. These have helped me resieos to not only feel so much better about my life and life itself, but helped me to have a much greater positive attitude and outlook on life!

Mermaids are Real!

Something hot right now on YouTube is a video someone shot in a submarine off the coast of Greenland — they caught a REAL LIVE mermaid on video!!!!!! Who would’ve thunk that mermaids are real, but apparently they are! Here’s a short verison, and then a longer one shown on the Discovery Channel with an accompanying analysis.

And for some fun music, check out Ke$ha’s Doing Shots on the Hood of My Car.

And there you go, for all you blog readers anxiously anticipating something from my blog, there you have it, an actual entry, and really, a fairly good and long one at that!

From Taylor Swift’s video, 22.

OMG, and next weekend is yardsale weekend, you may desire to prepare to sell or acquire chattels!

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