The Horror

As you may have realized, I’ve been trying to blog every day for at least a week (or maybe two), just to see what it is like. Nothing is coming to me to write about, except for maybe the movie they’re filming.

I sat on a neighbor’s porch for a bunch of hours yesterday and we got to watch them filming The Pact II. It’s pretty cool, and I really enjoyed watching the director work. Ze was so enthusiastic about the movie and I remember catching a ride off to Bible study group last night and ze was sitting out on the grass on the corner formulating the scenes or something with two other people ze is working with on the picture. Exciting stuff! And it’s right here in Pomona.

The neighbor I was hanging out with told me about how ze got a peak in the place they’re filming at and how on the ceiling there is writing in blood, “He showed me the way.” But it’s a horror movie! Then later I was just hanging out on the street talking with a housemate and I saw them bring out a prop of a fake body, decapitated and covered in blood (obviously for the scenes they are filming). Horror movie fun!

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