The Neighborhood, plus some

You know, there’s lots going on in the neighborhood presently: They’re closing Monroe Street off from Orange Grove (“traffic calming” as they call it in the urban planning field, read Livable Streets, by Donald Appleyard, THE seminal text on the matter in the field, for more information), and there’s another a movie being filmed in the neighborhood this month, it’s The Pact II (yet another horror movie filmed here, they just filmed one here two months ago!!), and this weekend I went to a beautiful wedding in the neighborhood (though really, it’s wedding season!).

In my sewing life, I finally finished removing the sleeves of a blouse for a housemate and sewing up all the raw edges properly, onto other projects – I’m working on a new sun bonnet for gardening. In my garden, after planting a ton of cucumber seeds last week, the seeds have now just come up and are looking really good! Also, it’s fruit tree season and last week I also pulled in a bumper crop of plums from the plum tree in my yard — talk about delicious!!!!! Other people in the neighborhood I know are also getting some great fruit harvests this year, too.

My cucumber sprouts!!!!!

Also around the neighborhood, last weekend, one of the parents of my bastard baby had a hir graduation party for hir PhD in Physics (the baby is getting pretty big these days, walking around all over). Ze was telling me what ze works on in hir field, and told me about how they are making all sorts of elements into transistors, and how that a working quantum computer has now been sold!!!! I’ve reported on quantum computers before. The company making these ones apparently is selling them big-liosieos. They are moving ahead by leaps and bounds!

As well, outside the neighborhood, on the other hand….

Kelly Clarkson has released a new single called, “Tie It Up,” about her soon to be marriage happening.

And on the more rough side, Ke$ha’s got a new video for hir song “Crazy Kids” and Miley Cyrus has a new video for hir song “We Can’t Stop,” and for a nod to Pomona Thrift stores, check out the great video “Thrift Shop,” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!

And that’s around the neighborhood, plus and little bit more.

Ahhhhhh, Paradise Pomona.

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