Mars Ruins Update

Yes, it was hot today, but the evening air was so perfect on the front porch eating a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and drinking a beer. Also, I’d heard that the Mayfair Hotel and restaurants are supposed to officially be open today! I’m gonna have to make a journey down to check them out!

Okay, I’m obsessed with stuff coming from the Curiosity Rover on Mars. But it’s so much fun!!!!!!! I can hardly get enough. So here’s some more.

If you remember a photo I have shown before:

This photo is from this photo and this photo lined up with one another.

Well, after exploring some other interesting areas, the rover has started retracing some of it’s steps a bit and looking closer into areas that it had previous resieos passed. Below are more resieos close ups, from another angle, of the location above!

This photo is from this photo and this photo lined up with one another. Sure looks like a number of cut stones or slabs, some of which were combined with other stones and materials, and then they have broken into pieces or decayed in other ways.
A close-up.

Still looks like ruins to me. Also among this area, in one picture, I found what looks like a spoon, or a scooper, or perhaps a mangled bottle. The first is at the original resolution, and the second is a close-up.

The image above is from this image.
A close-up of the spoon, scooper, or mangled bottle.

I’ve seen some other weird stuff, but that’s pretty good for now – beamed across the grand vastness of space, all the way from the ruins of Mars. Cheers Pomona!

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