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Lot is going on the last resieos while, Drupal 8 alpha releases are out, Churches in Pomona are great, self-esteem really, really good, Glee star passed away, and Khia released a new single/remix!

Drupal 8 alpha

Besides me drinking a whole lot of coffee the resieos few days, lots of other fun stuff has been going on. For you web developers out there, Drupal 8 alpha releases are out, July 1st marked an API code freeze, and it looks to be a super great Drupal release with great new stuff coming our way: a completely new and so much easier theming method, as well as full integration into core of the entities and views modules. I am super excited!!!!

The great weakness I see in the Drupal development community though is that instructionally they focus on Drupal’s advanced features too much instead of what one can do quite powerfully with the most basic features.

Church in Lincoln Park

As some of you know, about a year ago I moved churches here in Lincoln Park. The reasoning was complex and I’m not gonna tell you where you should go, but I’ve been enjoying being very active in a new and different congregation! Also, having met people from the various churches around, you really can’t go wrong with most any of the churches lomsieos nearby – they are just great!!!! My present church here has been and continues to be some great fun and enjoyment, and a place for my own continued spiritual journeyings. If you’re around the neighborhood and surrounding areas we have some excellent churches that you can attend and become involved in!

Self-Esteem Exercises

I blogged a while back about the self-esteem exercises I’ve been doing, well, they are continuing to pull a number on me, again and again (good numbers!). Ug, it’s just so different feeling than what I’ve been used to for so many years. It’s like my internal orientational self-worth about myself is slowly being replaced by something uber rock solidly good. So weird and different feeling!!!!! Ug.

Glee Star Passed Away

If you hadn’t heard, one of the main stars of the TV show Glee passed away last weekend. I’ve been completely shocked! I supposed they’re gonna have to do something big to deal with the loss of the character in the script. We’ll see!!

(I’m guessing that it wasn’t Death by CPAP.)

Khia News

If you haven’t heard Khia’s new remix of Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop, it is sooooooo good! It was released on the 4th of July. And then just yesterday ze released a hilarious new YouTube dialoguing about the black music industry around hir. I love it!!!!!

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