Cruising Across Mars

So it’s been a mild subtropical paradise here in Pomona, while on Mars, there appears to be clear skies and a desolate landscape of rocks, sand, dirt, and memorabilia of other eras.

Aqsieos, the Mars Curiosity rover is on a major cruise across the landscape on it’s way to Mt. Sharp. Here’s a couple of the latest of its photos!

Part of a photo from Curiosity’s 356th day on Mars.
Part of a photo from Curiosity’s 354th day on Mars showing some of the tracks it’s made across the landscape.

And here’s a resieos map of the progress of the rover:

A map generally showing Curiosity’s progress across the Martian landscape up to it’s 356th day on Mars.

I’ve not really given a good set of links for folks to follow the progress of the Curiosity rover. So here’s a couple of the good ones:

Daily raw images from the Curiosity rover as they come in
Images from many of the Mars vehicles and probes
Press release page
Press conference videos
General images


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